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Southern Concoctions Cucumber Jalapeno Cocktails Kit

A best-seller!! Create delicious, easy-to-make craft cocktails, it's perfect for gifts and gatherings this holiday season. Cucumber Jalapeno serves 8-16 drinks! 

Ingredients: cucumber. lime. jalapeño. pineapple. cilantro. agave sugar glass

  • Add 12 oz of your favorite spirit to the jar (White/Red Wine, Vodka, Tea, or Boiling Water)
  • Place in fridge for 3 days to infuse.  Can last up to a month in fridge. Give it a shake every day.
  • Shake/Strain your Concoction (leave contents in jar).  Makes 8 shots (1.5 oz.)
  • Add Mixer of Choice (White/Red Wine, Prosecco, Sparkling Water or Lemonade) OR Sip as is!
  • Made in Georgetown, TX

 *Alcohol not included