The Original Miracle Melting Frosty the Snowman

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Build a mini snowman, watch it melt, and then build it again and then build a mini snowman, watch it melt, and then build it again ...

Eight detailed accessories make it easy to transform the snow-like white putty into the perfect snowman figurine. A top hat, two goofy eyes, a carrot nose, stick arms, and a scarf to keep him warm are all included. Great as a fun pretend-play experience or a hilariously interactive mantlepiece display, the Original Miracle Melting Snowman is sure to add just the right touch of silliness to your holiday fun.

  • Arrives in cute snowman shaped container for easy storage.
  • White putty and accessories for building a friendly snowman that melts
  • Includes hat, eyes, carrot nose, stick arms, belt, scarf, putty
  • High quality materials - Exceptional pretend-play experience