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The Buxton Hall Barbecue Collection

Three of the tastiest Big Tin rubs straight from Pitmaster Elliot Moss' best selling barbecue cookbook, The Buxton Hall Barbecue's Book of Smoke. 

Buxton Rib Rub
Pitmaster Elliott Moss may claim that he's more of "a whole-hog guy than a rib guy," but one taste of this Buxton Hall Rib Rub will make you think otherwise. Try this rub wet or dry, on ribs, pork butt, or even chicken!

Buxton Chicken Rub
Take home the taste of Buxton Hall Barbecue chicken. If going to the restaurant every day isn't a feasible option, then this rub is your next best bet! It's Pitmaster Elliott Moss' "go-to rub for barbecue chicken," but it's great on any white meat!

Buxton Turkey Rub
Whether you're smoking a turkey breast or roasting the whole bird, this rub will cover all of your poultry seasoning needs. The mildly sweet flavours of fennel seed, along with Spicewalla's Herbs de Provence, are complemented by a spicy kick of black pepper and make this rub a must-have for turkey, chicken, or pork loin.